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The Christmas Winterland Event 2023 was a Christmas / New Year event held by SCS Software through the World of Trucks platform featured in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. The event started on December 14, 2023 and ended on February 5, 2024.


Initially the event was planned to last until January 14, 2024[1], but on January 12, SCS announced an extension of the event[2], event's tentative end date is now February 5, 2024, along with the ending of the Cruising Kansas.


  • Participants (truckers) must have a World of Trucks profile connected to either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.
  • Truckers may participate in the event by completing external contracts to or from Winterland.
    • This implies that truckers must own a truck, because external contracts can only be claimed by player-owned trucks.
  • A city (not including cities in Winterland) receives a "snowflake" when 1,000 deliveries are made to or from it.
  • Every city can have a maximum of 5 "snowflakes".
  • To achieve the Personal goal, a trucker must complete 15 deliveries for them including at least 1 delivery to or from each depot in Winterland in either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.
    • There are no restrictions on the number of deliveries made to or from any city. Nonetheless, the truckers still have to complete a delivery from/to each depot in Winterland at least once.
    • The count applies across both games. A trucker may win awards for both games even if the personal goal is completed with only one game.
  • The Community goal comprises to reach at least 1,000 snowflakes' for cities either in Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. The community goal has 5 tiers of rewards, with each tier reward being awarded for each 200 completed snowflakes in either game up until the final goal (1000 snowflakes).


  • For completion of Personal Goal alone, the rewards include:
    1. The World of Trucks Achievement.
    2. A "Winterland" (Truck paint job).
  • Each tier of Community goal brings an award, with a total of 5 tiers:
    • Tier 1: Christmas Sweater Bed Items (200 snowflakes)
    • Tier 2: Festive Chocolate Seat Items (400 snowflakes)
    • Tier 3: North Star Hanging Toys (600 snowflakes)
    • Tier 4: Rudolph's Sleigh Dashboard Items (800 snowflakes)
    • Tier 5: Christmas Tree Dashboard Items (1000 snowflakes)


Date Milestone Cities achieving MAX snowflakes on that day
American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2
December 14, 2023 Commencement of event
December 15, 2023 Flag of Washington.png Omak Flag of Austira.png Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna
December 16, 2023 First tier of community goal reached Flag of Czech Republic.png Prague
Flag of Germany.png Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg
Flag of Poland.png Katowice, Łódź, Lublin, Olsztyn, Poznań
December 17, 2023 Second tier of community goal reached Flag of France.png Calais
Flag of Germany.png Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Rostock
Flag of Poland.png Szczecin, Warsaw
Flag of Slovakia.png B. Bystrica, Bratislava
Flag of Spain.png Madrid
December 18, 2023 Third tier of community goal reached Flag of France.png Paris
Flag of Germany.png Munich
Flag of Netherlands.png Amsterdam
Flag of Norway.png Oslo
Flag of Poland.png Wrocław
Flag of Russia.png St. Petersburg
Flag of Slovakia.png Košice
December 19, 2023 Flag of Italy.png Milan
Flag of Poland.png Bialystok
December 20, 2023 Fourth tier of community goal reached Flag of Belgium.png Liège
Flag of Finland.png Helsinki
Flag of France.png Lille
Flag of Germany.png Cologne, Dresden, Kassel, Osnabrück
Flag of Italy.png Naples
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg
Flag of Netherlands.png Rotterdam
Flag of Norway.png Bergen
Flag of Spain.png Seville
Flag of Switzerland.png Zürich
Flag of Turkey.png İstanbul
December 21, 2023 Flag of Belgium.png Brussels
Flag of Estonia.png Tallinn
Flag of Germany.png Erfurt, Stuttgart
Flag of Italy.png Rome
Flag of Poland.png Kraków
Flag of Switzerland.png Geneva
Flag of Turkey.png Edirne
December 22, 2023 Flag of Arizona.png Phoenix Flag of Germany.png Bremen, Hannover, Kiel, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Mannheim
Flag of Italy.png Sassari, Venice
Flag of Poland.png Gdańsk
Flag of Romania.png Bucharest
December 23, 2023 Fifth tier of community goal reached Flag of Nevada.png Las Vegas Flag of Czech Republic.png Brno
Flag of France.png Metz
Flag of Italy.png Cagliari
Flag of Russia.png Pskov
Flag of Serbia.png Novi Sad
Flag of Spain.png A Coruña
December 24, 2023 Flag of California.png Los Angeles Flag of Germany.png Duisburg
Flag of Russia.png Kaliningrad, Luga
Flag of Serbia.png Belgrade
Flag of Turkey.png Tekirdağ
December 25, 2023 Flag of California.png Redding Flag of France.png Reims, Strasbourg
Flag of Germany.png Travemünde
Flag of Hungary.png Budapest
Flag of Italy.png Olbia, Taranto, Verona
Flag of Netherlands.png Groningen
Flag of Portugal.png Lisbon
Flag of Sweden.png Stockholm
Flag of United Kingdom.png London
December 26, 2023 Flag of Oklahoma.png Tulsa Flag of Czech Republic.png Ostrava
Flag of France.png Ajaccio, Dijon
Flag of Italy.png Palermo, Turin
Flag of Lithuania.png Klaipėda
Flag of North Macedonia.png Skopje
Flag of Norway.png Stavanger
Flag of Spain.png Badajoz, Barcelona, Salamanca
Flag of Sweden.png Gothenburg
Flag of Switzerland.png Bern
December 27, 2023 Flag of France.png Lyon, Toulouse
Flag of Italy.png Bologna, Parma
Flag of Latvia.png Valmiera
Flag of Spain.png Zaragoza
Flag of Sweden.png Karlskrona
December 28, 2023 Flag of Colorado.png Denver Flag of Bulgaria.png Sofia
Flag of Finland.png Kouvola
Flag of France.png Marseille
Flag of Italy.png Catania, Terni
Flag of Sweden.png Växjö
Flag of United Kingdom.png Dover
December 29, 2023 Flag of Oklahoma.png Guymon, McAlester Flag of Hungary.png Szeged
Flag of Italy.png Pescara
Flag of Romania.png Hunedoara, Timișoara
Flag of Spain.png Murcia
December 30, 2023 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Zenica
Flag of Denmark.png Aalborg
Flag of France.png Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Le Mans
Flag of Latvia.png Riga, Ventspils
Flag of Romania.png Iași
Flag of Spain.png Algeciras, Bilbao, Vigo
Flag of Sweden.png Malmö
Flag of United Kingdom.png Birmingham, Felixstowe
December 31, 2023 Flag of Kansas.png Kansas City Flag of Finland.png Lahti
Flag of France.png Clermont
Flag of Montenegro.png Bijelo Polje
Flag of Norway.png Kristiansand
Flag of Spain.png Valladolid
Flag of Sweden.png Uppsala
Flag of United Kingdom.png Cambridge, Southampton
January 1, 2024 Flag of Denmark.png Odense
Flag of Estonia.png Pärnu
Flag of Lithuania.png Kaunas
Flag of Montenegro.png Podgorica
Flag of United Kingdom.png Aberdeen
January 2, 2024 All cities in ETS2 have at least one snowflake Flag of Latvia.png Daugavpils
Flag of Lithuania.png Utena
January 3, 2024 Flag of California.png Fresno, Sacramento
Flag of Oklahoma.png Lawton
Flag of Croatia.png Split
Flag of France.png Limoges
Flag of Romania.png Brașov, Craiova
Flag of Russia.png Vyborg
Flag of Slovenia.png Ljubljana
Flag of Spain.png Valencia
Flag of United Kingdom.png Manchester, Plymouth
January 4, 2024 Flag of Arizona.png Flagstaff
Flag of California.png San Francisco
Flag of France.png Brest
Flag of Italy.png Messina
Flag of Portugal.png Porto
Flag of Sweden.png Linköping
January 5, 2024 Flag of New Mexico.png Albuquerque
Flag of Kansas.png Topeka
Flag of Washington.png Wenatchee
Flag of Estonia.png Tartu
Flag of Finland.png Pori
Flag of Hungary.png Debrecen
Flag of Italy.png Livorno
Flag of Lithuania.png Vilnius
January 6, 2024 Flag of Texas.png Dallas Flag of France.png Nice
Flag of Romania.png Cluj-Napoca
Flag of United Kingdom.png Newcastle
January 7, 2024 Flag of Kansas.png Wichita Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Banja Luka
Flag of Croatia.png Rijeka, Zagreb
Flag of Estonia.png Paldiski
Flag of France.png Bourges
Flag of Italy.png Genoa
Flag of Latvia.png Rēzekne
Flag of Spain.png Burgos
Flag of Sweden.png Jönköping, Kalmar, Örebro
Flag of United Kingdom.png Cardiff
January 8, 2024 Flag of Bulgaria.png Ruse
Flag of Italy.png Florence
Flag of Spain.png Albacete
January 9, 2024 Flag of Arizona.png Yuma
Flag of Montana.png Great Falls
Flag of France.png Montpellier, Nantes
Flag of Hungary.png Pécs
Flag of Italy.png Ancona, Bari
Flag of Romania.png Târgu Mureș
Flag of United Kingdom.png Edinburgh, Grimsby, Sheffield
January 10, 2024 Flag of California.png Oxnard Flag of Bulgaria.png Pleven
Flag of Croatia.png Zadar
January 11, 2024 Flag of Croatia.png Osijek
Flag of Finland.png Kotka
Flag of Kosovo.png Pristina
Flag of Romania.png Galați, Pitești
Flag of Spain.png Gijón
January 12, 2024 Flag of Finland.png Turku
Flag of Latvia.png Liepāja
Flag of Portugal.png Coimbra
Flag of Spain.png Granada, Santander
January 13, 2024 Flag of Kansas.png Hays Flag of Denmark.png Esbjerg
Flag of France.png Le Havre
Flag of Spain.png Córdoba
Flag of United Kingdom.png Swansea
January 14, 2024 Flag of Bulgaria.png Varna
Flag of Finland.png Tampere
January 15, 2024 Flag of France.png Rennes
Flag of Spain.png Málaga
Flag of Sweden.png Västerås
Flag of United Kingdom.png Liverpool
January 16, 2024 Flag of Denmark.png Copenhagen
Flag of Portugal.png Olhão
January 17, 2024 Flag of Oklahoma.png Oklahoma City Flag of Spain.png Puertollano
January 18, 2024 Flag of Spain.png Huelva
January 19, 2024 Flag of Serbia.png Kragujevac
January 20, 2024 Flag of Albania.png Vlorë
January 21, 2024 Flag of United Kingdom.png Carlisle, Glasgow
January 23, 2024 Flag of France.png Calvi
January 25, 2024 Flag of Sweden.png Helsingborg
January 26, 2024 Flag of France.png Roscoff
Flag of Russia.png Sosnovy Bor
January 27, 2024 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Sarajevo
January 28, 2024 Flag of France.png Porto-Vecchio
Flag of Romania.png Călărași
Flag of Spain.png León
January 29, 2024 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bihać
January 30, 2024 Flag of France.png Bastia
January 31, 2024 Flag of Slovenia.png Maribor
February 2, 2024 Flag of Montana.png Bozeman
February 4, 2024 Flag of Spain.png Almería
February 5, 2024 Completion of event after 23:59 Flag of Spain.png Port de Sagunt[3]


Related Achievements

Type Image Objective
World of Trucks Xmas23.png Completing Event

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  3. Port de Sagunt was the final city to achieve MAX status.