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Kansas is a state of the United States, which is featured in American Truck Simulator as a map expansion DLC that was released on November 30, 2023. It is the twelfth map of DLC involving map expansions, but the eleventh paid one.


The state is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west.

Introducing Kansas! A U.S State that is home to a truly authentic cowboy culture and miles of land littered with wildflowers. Located in the Midwest of the USA, Kansas is known for its native grasslands, streams, abundant blue skies, and green grassland vistas.
Once considered to be the country’s agricultural heartland, "The Sunflower State" has managed to attract many large businesses and develop in other industrial areas due to its central location and convenient infrastructure for logistics operations. But, as the nickname suggests, nature is certainly doing very well to keep up with technological progress, as the state parks and vast prairies offer unique views with a marvelous atmosphere that will leave every trucker passing by with something to remember.
~ American Truck Simulator - Kansas Steam store page[1]

DLC Features

  • Deliver to 14 explorable cities including Kansas City, Wichita, or Topeka (Jump to section)
  • See several landmarks unique to Kansas such as the historic Dodge City, Monument Rocks, and Mount Sunflower (See Landmarks)
  • Become a trucker transporting goods for Kansas' key industries - Salt Mine, Food Factory, Car Factory, Building Material Factory, and Battery Factory (Jump to section)
  • Deliver cargo to Aerosystem, playing a key role in Wichita's aerospace industry
  • Visit Hutchinson and admire the world's largest silos
  • Play a crucial role in one of America's major agricultural states. Transport goods that sustain Kansas' farming legacy
  • Enjoy trucking through several scenic towns (settlements) (Jump to section)
  • Drive through expansive prairies, providing unforgettable views








Main article: American Truck Simulator Achievements
Icon Name Description
ATS Achievement The Sunflower State.jpg The Sunflower State Discover every city in Kansas.
ATS Achievement Wheat State Explorer.jpg Wheat State Explorer View cutscenes from all viewpoints in Kansas.
ATS Achievement Air Capital of the World.jpg Air Capital of the World Deliver an Aircraft Wing and Jet Engine Inlets to or from every aviation depot in Wichita.
ATS Achievement Can You Keep a Secret.jpg Can You Keep a Secret? Discover at least 3 secret roads in Kansas.
ATS Achievement Grain of Salt.jpg Grain of Salt Complete 6 deliveries from the Hutchinson Salt Mine in Kansas. At least 2 deliveries must be to a Food Factory.

Release History

Before the DLC was released, SCS published several hints and news topics about the content featured in it that was previously under work in progress.
  • 30 November 2023: Kansas DLC is released.[2]
  • 24 November 2023: Blog post about Kansas' turnpike tolls and new routes for the Special Transport DLC.[3]
  • 15 November 2023: SCS announced the release date of expansion.[4]
  • 11 November 2023: Blog post about gameplay video.[5]
  • 8 November 2023: Blog post about Topeka, the capital city of Kansas, Wichita and Kansas City.[6]
  • 5 November 2023: Blog post about SCS's research trip to Kansas.[7]
  • 2 November 2023: Steam achievements for Kansas are added to SteamDB.[8]
  • 31 October 2023: The 1.49 Open Beta is released, adding more new roads towards and within Kansas.
    • Notably, the entire length of US 36 within Kansas is among those roads.
    • It was revealed that Flavorfair and Buildmaster are in the beta files for Kansas.
  • 27 October 2023: Blog post about agriculture.[9]
  • 21 October 2023: Blog post about rest stops, truck stops and interchanges.[10]
  • 13 October 2023: Blog post about landmarks.[11]
  • 4 October 2023: Blog post about railroad network.[12]
  • 26 September 2023: Blog post about new industries.[13]
  • 19 September 2023: Blog post about water bodies.[14]
  • 14 September 2023: Blog post about Hutchinson.[15]
  • 30 August 2023: Blog post about Emporia.[16]
  • 28 August 2023: The official microsite for Kansas is launched.
  • 15 August 2023: Blog post about Colby and Hays.[17]
  • 1 August 2023: Oklahoma DLC released with some incomplete roads towards and within southern Kansas from Enid, Guymon, Tulsa and Woodward.
  • 28 July 2023: Blog post about Dodge City.[18]
  • 22 June 2023: The 1.48 Open Beta is released, adding more new roads towards and within Kansas. The usa.dds map is also updated, revealing a road and city layout of Kansas.
  • 10 May 2023: Second blog post about new landmarks and areas.[19]
  • 25 April 2023: First blog post about new landmarks and areas.[20]
  • 28 March 2023: Blog post about SCS' development of the DLC with some work-in-progress screenshots.[21]
  • 14 March 2023: The 1.47 Open Beta is released, adding some new roads towards and within Kansas, along with a Wichita Airport prefab.[22]
  • 28 January 2023: First official blog post confirmed Kansas will be the next state after Oklahoma with a few new screenshots [23], alongside the Steam store page being released.[24]
  • 3 January 2023: The above mentioned teaser video is posted on SCS' YouTube channel and in a blog post.[25]
  • 20 December 2022: In the SCS Christmas Stream, the team reveals a teaser video showing sunflower fields, a reference to Kansas' nickname, "The Sunflower State", with its file name as a reference to the word "sunflower", hinting that Kansas would be the next state after Oklahoma.[26]
  • 27 June 2022: Some gas station signs added in the 1.45 Open Beta are named with the abbreviation KS in the map editor, indicating that Kansas will be coming at some point in the future.


Screenshots of new areas in Kansas

Screenshots of landmark prefabs of the Kansas DLC

Screenshots of new industries of the Kansas DLC

Screenshots of railroad networks in Kansas

Screenshots of truck stops, rest stops, and rest areas in Kansas

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