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 Note: This page contains only information about Paris in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

The Paris Metropolitan Area is a metropolitan area located in northern France that is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Paris includes the capital city of Paris and 4 small cities around Paris. It developed to its current state with update 1.26.



City of Paris







Like most other nations' capitals (e.g. Berlin, Budapest, London, Praha, etc.), Paris also has a ring road, but unlike most other ring roads the one around Paris consists of different numbered roads:

  • The A1 connects the three accessible parts of Paris (Gonesse, Poissy and Paris itself) with each other.
  • The A104 starts in Gonesse and runs southward to the A6.
  • The A6 is also part of the ring road connecting the A104 with the A10.
  • The A10 forms the southwestern part of the ring road, but ends as an minor road which runs towards Poissy and closes the ring.

In the recent version of Paris, five numbered roads connect the city to other cities while one minor road starts from it:

Nearby Towns

  • Courtenay: Located south of Paris at the junction between A6 and a minor road
  • Montargis (inaccessible): Located west of Courtenay on the minor road between A6 and A10




Before update 1.26
After update 1.26

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