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This page lists all World of Trucks Achievements that you can obtain from the World of Trucks website.


World of Trucks Achievements are independent of either Euro Truck Simulator 2 Achievements or American Truck Simulator Achievements, and focus on completion of World of Trucks Contracts or participation in World of Trucks activities.

Truckers need to have an account on World of Trucks in order to get these achievements. This account is independent of the accounts on Steam, SCS official community (e.g. SCS Forums) or third party communities (e.g. Truck Simulator Wiki).

The achievements can be divided into two main groups:

  • Non-event Achievements can be obtained without participation of events, and are available anytime.
  • Event Achievements require the trucker to make specific contributions in events as required, and are only available for the duration of the event. Once complete, though, the achievement will stay with the trucker's account perpetually. For Event Achievements, please select your game title below.

List of Games

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List of Achievements

Icon Name Description
Commhauler.png Commited Hauler Transport 1 million kilograms (2,204,623 pounds).
First100.png First Hundred Complete 100 World of Trucks contracts.
Tothemoon.png Journey to the Moon Travel to the Moon - travel 384,400 kilometers (238,855 miles) performing World of Trucks contracts.
Intdriver.png International Driver Complete 10 World of Trucks contracts in American Truck Simulator and 10 contracts in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Ultimateavg.png The Ultimate Average Complete 5 jobs in a row with average delivery distance not smaller than 1,000 km (621 miles).
Longjourney.png The Longest Journey Travel 1 million kilometers (621,371 miles) while on the job.
Nocollection.png Noticeable Collection 7 of your profile images received at least 1 like.
Regvisitor.png Regular Visitor Logged in to World of Trucks web in 10 consecutive days.
Loyalfan.png Loyal Fan Logged in to World of Trucks web 50 times within two months (counts one log-in per 24h).
Viewed1001.png 1001 Your images were viewed 1001 times in total.
Truckalbum.png Trucker Album Your images were faved by 50 people.
Spotlight.png Spotlight Reached 100 likes over all of your images.
Highfive.png High Five Like 500 shots.
Litmarathon.png Little Marathon Deliver 100 t of cargo in 1 hour. Minimum required job distance is 100 km (62 miles).
Pperfectioni.png Punctual Perfectionist Complete 3 contracts in a row with a minimum of 300 km (186 miles) per contract. Your time on duty shouldn't exceed 25 minutes per contract. Each delivery must be perfect (no cargo damage, in-time).
Weeklyrush.png Weekly Rush Transport 1,000 tons (984 lg tn) in a single week. Counts any 7 consecutive days, minimum required job distance is 250 km (155 miles).
Refinedid.png Refined Identity (Legacy) Fill your World of Trucks profile (avatar, all profile images, plate number, region).
Superstar.png Superstar! Your screenshot appeared in the World of Trucks Editor's Pick section.