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Cruising The Balkans was an event held by SCS Software through the World of Trucks platform featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The event began on October 19th, 2023 and ended on December 19th, 2023.


The new West Balkans DLC is offering 30 beautiful cities to discover. Together with the 30 unique cities of the Road to the Black Sea DLC, that's 60 amazing cities to explore in this event!

During #CruisingTheBalkans you'll explore beautiful landscapes and scenic routes past forests, rivers, mountains and coastlines, while contributing to the bountiful economy of both DLCs. With the region spreading so far and wide, it supports an incredibly wide variety of animals and wildlife. It is home to the grey wolf, brown bear, fallow and red deer, and the Dalmatian pelican, one of the biggest freshwater birds, which enjoys feeding on the many species of fish that can be found. Hermann's Tortoises, popular with tourists, can also be seen near many water areas and rivers.

Besides breathtaking nature, the Balkans also offers various economic regions of interest. On your journeys you'll drive through many unique cities, industrial areas, and large seaports that are crucial for its economy. Truckers can look forward to exploring new industries, like delivering Caravans to the Car Dealers where people make their travel dreams on wheels come true.

Since Road to the Black Sea DLC and West Balkans DLC are part of the #CruisingTheBalkans event, with so many cities to experience, we are giving you the opportunity to complete a community goal and up to 2 personal goals, one for each DLC. Completing both personal goals will certainly be worth it since their rewards, when combined, will create an incredibly beautiful matching truck and trailer paint job combo!


  • Using External Contracts or External Market, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the community goal is to drive 300,000,000 km while delivering cargoes to or from any city in West Balkans and/or Road to the Black Sea DLCs.
  • All jobs for the event need to be at least 200 km, or more.
  • Goals
    • Personal goal for West Balkans DLC: Complete a delivery to or from at least 15 unique cities.
    • Personal goal for Road to the Black Sea DLC: Complete a delivery to or from at least 15 unique cities.


Image Name Description
Cruising the Balkans 05.jpg Dalmatian Pelican ornament Community Goal: Driving 300,000,000 km
Cruising the Balkans 03.jpg Nature's Embrace cabin paint job Personal Goal
Cruising the Balkans 04.jpg Nature's Embrace trailer paint job Personal Goal

Related Achievements

Type Image Objective
World of Trucks Balkans23.png Completing Event for West Balkans DLC
World of Trucks Balkane23.png Completing Event for Road to the Black Sea DLC

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