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Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway that is featured in the Scandinavia map expansion DLC in Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Just like many other cities included in the Scandinavia map expansion, Oslo has a very large footprint and sophisticated road layouts.

Oslo itself is filled with several smaller loading docks in different districts of the city located a couple of kilometers away from each other. There are so many opportunities for exploration!
~ SCS Software's blog



There are four clusters of facilities regarded as part of Oslo in the game. Depots are denoted in bold.

  • The eastern part (Ekeberg) contains the largest share of facilities, including a seaport and depots for Container Port, NS Oil and Renar Logistik.
    This part of the city can be accessed via a very sophisticated junction from the E6 or E18 to the south, as well as a simpler junction with the E6 to the north. The northerly access itself passes through a tunnel and a residential area with bus station.
  • The northern part is the Polaris Lines port. The E6 runs directly underneath it, and the onramps and offramps all join or leave the motorway under surface level. Trucks using the ferry line to or from Frederikshavn must go through this part of the city.
  • A Marina depot is situated halfway between the port and the western part of the city.
  • The western part of the city (Billingstad) is accessed by a simple junction with the E18, and contains depots of Norrfood and IKA Bohag, as well as a Konstnorr construction site.
  • A Sag & Tre sawmill and a MS Stein mine are located to the southwest of the city, at a junction of roads towards Bergen.



Oslo is the hub of Norwegian transport network in the game.

  • The E6 and E18 meet at the southeast of the city, with the E6 "ending" to the north of the city near the Polaris Lines port and E18 continuing to the southwest for Kristiansand. There is a toll plaza to the east of Oslo.
  • Two minor, hilly roads connect Oslo and Bergen. The southerly one is numbered E134 and signed as Stavanger, while the northerly one is numbered F40.
  • The E134 directly connects the two sections of E18 south of Oslo, allowing vehicles to travel between Sweden and other Norwegian cities (BergenKristiansand and Stavanger) to bypass Oslo completely.
  • The Polaris Lines provides a ferry service between Oslo and Frederikshavn in Denmark.





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