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Finland (Finnish: Suomi; Swedish: Finland) is a country in Northern Europe featured in the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.[1] It will be expanded further in the upcoming Nordic Horizons DLC.


The country is bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north and Russia to the east. It also shares a maritime border with Estonia with ferry lines crossing the Gulf of Finland.

Finland extends into the Arctic, where the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun can be seen. The country has comfortable small towns and cities, as well as vast areas of unspoiled nature. Capital city Helsinki has one of the highest urban standards of living in the world. About 10% of the 338,424 km2 area is made up by 188,000 lakes, with a similar number of islands. Roads in Finland comprise 78,141 km of highways, paved and gravel roads. Helsinki has one of the highest urban standards of living in the world.
~ Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website


There are ten accessible cities in Finland.

City Name Image Remarks
Helsinki Baltics Blog 78.jpg Capital
Ferries to Tallinn and Travemünde
Kotka Kotka view.png
Kouvola Kouvola view.png
Lahti Lahti view 2.png
Loviisa Loviisa power plant.png
Naantali Naantali port.png Ferry to Kapellskär
Olkiluoto Olkiluoto power plant.png Island + Nuclear Power Plant
Pori Pori view.png
Tampere Tampere view.png
Turku Turku view 1.png


15 National roads are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. These are divided in two classes, Class I (Finnish: Valtatie, Swedish: Riksväg) and Class II (Finnish: Kantatie, Swedish: Stamväg):

V1 V2 V3 V4 V7
Finland V1.png
K50 (Helsinki) – K40 (Turku)
Finland V2.png
V1 (Helsinki) – Pori
Finland V3.png
K50 (Helsinki) – Tampere
Finland V4.png
K50 (Helsinki) – V12 (Lahti)
Finland V7.png
K50 (Helsinki) – M-10 (RU)
V8 V9 V11 V12 V15
Finland V8.png
Turku – V2 (Pori)
Finland V9.png
K40 (Turku) – V12 (Tampere)
Finland V11.png
V2 (Pori) – Tampere
Finland V12.png
V9 (Tampere) – V15 (Kouvola)
Finland V15.png
V12 (Kouvola) – V7 (Kotka)
K40 K41 K50 K51 K52
Finland K40.png
Turku Ring Road
Finland K41.png
V9 (Turku) – V2
Finland K50.png
Helsinki Ring Road (Kehä III/Ring III)
Finland K51.png
K52 – Helsinki
Finland K52.png
V1 – K51

5 European Routes (Finnish: Eurooppatiet) are signed and accessible in-game:

E8 E12 E18
Finland E8.png
Pori – Turku
Finland E12 icon.png
Tampere – Helsinki
Finland E18 icon.png
Naantali – Russia (M-10)
E63 E75
Finland E63 icon.png
Tampere – Turku
Finland E75 icon.png
Lahti – Helsinki

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