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Map Mods

Note: These mods may require you to start a new profile, or can corrupt your save if removed from an existing profile. Back up your profile before installing!

Mods for American Truck Simulator

Name Features Requirements Notes Latest Version Link
ProMods (ProMods Canada) Added 20 new cities of British Columbia in Canada. Also compatible with TruckersMP (3rd party multiplayer) for 1.0.0 and later and Convoy (SCS multiplayer) for 1.1.0 and later 1.2.2 Website
Bonjour Quebec Added cities and highways in Quebec in Canada.
  • Discover Ontario
  • ATS v1.46
0.0.1a SCS Forum


Coast to Coast (C2C) Added multiple cities and highways in all U.S. states not covered by current map DLCs (and necessary connections within some map DLC areas) to make the East Coast accessible.
  • All map DLCs
  • ATS v1.47 SCS Forum
CanaMania Added cities and highways in Canada. 2.47.0 SCS Forum
Discover Ontario Added cities and highways in Ontario in Canada.
  • C2C
  • Midwest Expansion
  • ATS v1.46
0.21.a SCS Forum


50 United (former Midwest Expansion) Added more roads in C2C in the Midwest.
  • C2C
  • ATS v1.46
  • Connections to Texas are incomplete as of 0.171b.
  • Not compatible with CanaMania due to drastically different road configurations in the Detroit area between the two mods.
0.171b SCS Forum

Discord Server (includes download link) TruckyMods

Montana Expansion 2.0 Added content to the state of Montana.
  • ATS v1.46
0.2.8 TruckyMods
Project Dakota's Added more roads in C2C in North and South Dakota.
  • C2C
  • ATS v1.46
2.5 SCS Forum


Project: Mid-Atlantic Added more roads in C2C in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Mega Resources
  • ATS v1.46 SCS Forum


Reforma Map Merge of PaZzMod, Mexico Extremo, Mexxsimap, Viva Mexico, Sierra Nevada and free parts of Eblem's beta work into one map.
  • All map DLCs
  • ATS v1.46
2.4.4 TruckyMods
Sierra Nevada Remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS. DO NOT USE IF USING Reforma Map 2.4.4 2.4.3 (Legacy) Website
Island Map Added Hawaii island
  • All map DLCs are required.
  • ATS v1.43
  • Mega Resources 2.2.13
0.2.1 SCS Forum
Caribbean Map Added the Caribbean Islands + the Miami state.
  • All map DLCs are required.
  • ATS v1.45
1.3.1 TerraMaps forum
Pacific Map Added Hawaii island 1.1.1 TerraMaps forum

Map Combo Load Order

Standalone Mods for American Truck Simulator

These mods required you to start a different profile.

Name Features Requirements Notes Link
Dalton Highway 1:1 A map mod which adds the entirety of the Dalton and Elliot Highway in Alaska in 1:1 scale ingame
  • All map DLCs
Has a summer version and a winter version of the mod, each containing a different driving experience SCS Forum


Name Features Requirements Notes Link
Trucky Adds VTC Support, Mod Manager and Dedicated Server Support Compatible with for both ETS2 and ATS.


Name Features Requirements Notes Link
TruckersMP Adds multiplayer functionality either game. Also compatible with ProMods map (for both ETS2 and ATS).