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Garages are a type of facility that can be found in almost every city in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and in some of the larger cities in American Truck Simulator.


Garages can be bought for €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS and always include a rest stop. The headquarters of the player's company is a garage in their chosen city and can be changed by moving their character to another garage. All garages have the same model in the original map and in the Going East!, but in Scandinavia, Vive la France!, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea and Iberia, they are different.

Upgrades and Costs

One's first garage is set as player's headquarters. This tiny garage has a single truck bay and can host a single driver. All subsequent garages that are bought start with room for three trucks and drivers. They can be bought for €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS. All purchased garages can be used for resting, refueling (large garages only) and also as the destination point for Quick Traveling.

  1. The upgrade of the tiny garage, from one to three bays, has an advantage: with more trucks, the player can hire new NPC drivers from the Recruitment Agency to work for them. However, the upgrade costs as much as the purchase of a new garage: €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS.
  2. The next garage upgrade allows room for five bays and a fuel pump will be added. The diesel price at this pump will cost 15% less than the regular fuel price in the country. The price for this upgrade is significantly less than the first; €100,000/£80,000 in ETS2 and $100,000 in ATS.
  3. If the player purchases at least three garages, they will unlock the ability to buy garages online.

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