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In most truck simulation games, companies are one of the most important entities.

There are at least three different kinds of companies:

  1. Truck companies: They manufacture trucks and sell them to truckers.
  2. Logistic companies: They have depots which either offer cargoes for truckers to haul, or accept cargoes hauled from elsewhere.
  3. Appearance companies: They are for pure appearance purposes, shown on various vehicles or objects found in the game, but have no direct interaction with truckers.

Because of intellectual property issues, only a few in-game companies (usually truck companies) are real-life companies which allow their names, logos and products be used in the games. Most other in-game companies are either approximations of their real-life counterparts, or entirely made up.


Due to the vast amount of companies featured, this Wiki lists companies by the game(s) they are featured in. Note that some companies appear across multiple titles.