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Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora) is a country located in the Southeastern region of Europe.


The country is bordered by a small exclave of Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south.

Montenegro is featured in the West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.[1]

Montenegro is a country located in Southeast Europe right next to the Adriatic Sea. Its diverse landscapes stretch across 13,812 square kilometers and they offer rugged mountains, vast lakes, and stunning coastline. With 5,277 kilometers of roads, this little slice of paradise is the ultimate playground for explorers and challenge seekers alike.
~ Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website


City Name Image Remarks
Bijelo Polje
(Бијело Поље)
Bijelo Polje view 2.png
Niksic view.png
Podgorica view 2.png Capital


1 Autoput (Motorway), 5 Magistralni putevi (Main Roads), and 2 Regionalni putevi (Regional Roads) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

A-1 M-2 M-3 M-4
Montenegro A-1 icon.png
Podgorica – M-2
Montenegro M-2 icon.png
Mahala – Podgorica; A-1 – IB23 (Serbia)
Montenegro M-3 icon.png
Nikšić – Podgorica
Montenegro M-4 icon.png
Podgorica – SH1 (Albania)
M-5 M-7 R-5 R-10
Montenegro M-5 icon.png
Ribarevina – Rožaje
Montenegro M-7 icon.png
Nikšić – M-6 (Bosnia and Herz.)
Montenegro R-5 icon.png
Rožaje – Kosovo
Montenegro R-10 icon.png
M-2 – Crno Drvo (Bijelo Polje)

4 European Routes (Evropski putevi) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

E65 E80 E762 E763
Montenegro E-65 icon.png
Mahala – Rožaje
Montenegro E-80 icon.png
Mahala – Rožaje
Montenegro E-762 icon.png
Nikšić – Albania (SH1)
Montenegro E-763 icon.png
Serbia (IB23) – Ribarevine


  • Montenegro, much like its neighbors Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, uses a dual writing system: one for Latin, and one for Cyrillic. However, while both systems are held equally by the constitution of Montenegro, the Latin system is more preferred in both official and everyday contexts. This is reflected in-game with all signage in Montegrin using the Latin script. However, one notable exception is when turning on the "Localized names" option on the world map, which marks locations on Montenegro using the Cyrillic script.

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