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Viewpoints are locations where the driver can trigger an in-game “cutscene” that showcases the nearest point of interest to the player. They are identified by a green, 3D film-camera icon and marked with a Viewpoint on the map. There are a total of 58 viewpoints in Euro Truck Simulator 2 at this moment.


When approaching and stopping at a viewpoint, the player must turn off their vehicle. The player then presses 'ENTER' in order to activate the viewpoint. When the cutscene is playing, the player can press 'ESCAPE' or watch the cutscene. The player can play the cutscene again. Since update 1.46, viewpoints are available to watch anytime through the gallery after activating them.


Base game

on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 Austria A13 South of Innsbruck Brenner pass Austria A13 Brenner pass viewpoint.png
2 Austria B107 Between Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and Innsbruck Grossglockner Austria B107 Grossglockner viewpoint.png
3 Austria A2 North of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Wörthersee Austria A2 Wörthersee viewpoint.png
4 Austria A2 Southwest of Graz Lavant Viaduct Austria A2 viewpoint.png
5 Austria Wien The center of the city Schönbrunn Austria Schönbrunn viewpoint.png
Germany Rostock Near the Marina depot Rostock City Centre Rostock viewpoint 1.48.png
Germany Hannover Near the Sanbuilders depot Hanover Cement Plant Hannover Cement Plant Viewpoint 1.45.png
Germany Duisburg At the city center Duisburg City Centre Duisburg viewpoint 1.50.png
Germany Frankfurt am Main Near a gas station at the city center Frankfurt Skyline Frankfurt City Viewpoint 1.47.png
Germany Nürnberg Near Sanbuilders construction plant Nuremberg City Center Nurnberg Viewpoint 1.47.png
Germany Stuttgart Near the Stuttgart State Theater Stuttgart City Center Stuttgart State Theater Viewpoint 1.47.png
Germany Ettal Just outside the center of town to the north Ettal Abbey Ettal Abbey Viewpoint.png
Switzerland Genève The center of the city Geneva Geneve Viewpoint 1.50.png
Switzerland Bern On a secret road in the center of the city Bern Old Town Bern Viewpoint 1.50.png
Switzerland Belvédère The center of the town Furka Pass Furka Pass Viewpoint 1.50.png
Switzerland A13 On a secret road south of St. Margrethen Viamala Viamala Viewpoint 1.50.png
Switzerland Zürich The center of the city Zürich West Zurich Industriequartier Viewpoint.png


Viewpoint map Austria.png

Beyond the Baltic Sea

on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 Russia Sovetsk At the border crossing between Kaliningrad and Klaipėda The Queen Louise Bridge Russia Queen Louise Bridge viewpoint.png
2 Lithuania Klaipėda The center of the city City of Klaipėda Lithuania Klaipėda viewpoint.png
3 Latvia Daugavpils The center of the city City of Daugavpils Latvia Daugavpils viewpoint.png
4 Latvia A5 South of Rīga Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant Latvia Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant viewpoint.png
5 Latvia Ventspils At the ferry port Port of Ventspils Latvia Port of Ventspils viewpoint.png
6 Latvia Valmiera At the center of the city Valmiera Olympic Center Latvia Valmiera Olympic Center viewpoint.png
7 Russia Elizarovo North of Pskov Yelizarov Convent Russia Yelizarov Convent viewpoint.png
8 Estonia Tallinn At the ferry port Port of Tallinn Estonia Port of Tallinn viewpoint.png
9 Russia Ivangorod East of Narva Ivangorod Fortress and Hermann Castle Russia Ivangorod Fortress and Hermann Castle viewpoint.png
10 Finland Helsinki At the ferry port West Harbour of Helsinki Finland West Harbour of Helsinki viewpoint.png


ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC viewpoints.png


on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 Spain El Ejido South of A7 Greenhouses of El Ejido Spain El Ejido viewpoint.png
2 Spain A92 East of Granada The Parabolic Power Plant of Andalusia Spain Granada Engeron viewpoint.png
3 Portugal Olhão The center of the city The City of Olhão Portugal Olhao viewpoint.png
4 Portugal A22 East of Olhão Guadiana International Bridge Portugal A22 viewpoint.png
5 Spain A4 Northeast of Sevilla The Solar Power Tower of Andalusia Spain Sevilla Engeron viewpoint.png
6 Spain Puertollano The center of the city The Refinery of Puertollano Spain Puertollano viewpoint.png
7 Portugal Sines West of the city The Port of Sines Portugal Sines viewpoint.png
8 Spain València East of the city The Port of Valencia Spain Valencia viewpoint.png
9 Portugal Lisboa West of the city 25 de Abril Bridge Portugal Lisboa viewpoint.png
10 Spain Barcelona East of the city The City of Barcelona Spain Barcelona viewpoint.png
11 Spain Zaragoza West of the city The Shopping Center of Zaragoza Spain Zaragoza viewpoint.png
12 Portugal Porto Northwest of the city The Harbour of Porto Portugal Porto viewpoint.png
13 Spain O Barco East of the city Los Tres Cuñados quarry Spain O Barco viewpoint.png
14 Spain A66 North of León Reservoir of Barrios de Luna Spain A-66 viewpoint.png
15 Spain Santander North of the city The Ferry Port of Santander Spain Santander viewpoint.png


ETS2 Iberia DLC viewpoints.png


on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 Italy Minor road At an FUISpA farm north of Catania Mount Etna Italy Mount Etna viewpoint.png
2 Italy Villa San Giovanni At the service shop Villa San Giovanni Italy Villa San Giovanni viewpoint.png
3 Italy Sassari East of the city Sassari - Church of Saint Mary of Bethlem Italy Sassari Church of Saint Mary of Bethlem viewpoint.png
4 Italy Taranto South of the city City of Taranto Italy Taranto viewpoint.png
5 Italy Napoli At the ferry port Port of Naples Italy Port of Naples viewpoint.png
6 Italy Bari East of the city Port of Bari Italy Port of Bari viewpoint.png
7 Italy Minor road Between Livorno and Parma Carrara Marble Quarry Italy Carrara Marble Quarry viewpoint.png


ETS2 Italia DLC viewpoints.png

Road to the Black Sea

on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 Turkey İstanbul On D100 City of Istanbul Turkey D100 Istanbul viewpoint.png
2 Turkey Edirne The center of the city City of Edirne Turkey Edirne viewpoint.png
3 Bulgaria Pernik Near the Stomanena Roza depot Steelworks of Pernik Bulgaria Steelworks of Pernik viewpoint.png
4 Bulgaria Burgas At the Container Port Port of Burgas Bulgaria Port of Burgas viewpoint.png
5 Bulgaria Ruse At the border crossing northeast of the city Giurgiu-Ruse Bridge Bulgaria Giurgiu-Ruse Bridge viewpoint.png
6 Romania Orșova On DN6 between Reșița and Craiova City of Orșova Romania DN6 Orșova viewpoint.png
7 Romania Rovinari On DN66 between Craiova and Hunedoara Rovinari Power Station Romania DN66 Rovinari Power Station viewpoint.png
8 Romania A2 In Cernavodă Cernavodă Bridge Romania A2 Cernavodă Bridge viewpoint.png
9 Romania DN73 Between Pitești and Brașov Piatra Craiului Mountains Romania DN73 Piatra Craiului Mountains viewpoint.png
10 Romania Poiana Largului On DN15B between the roads DN15 and DN28A between Târgu Mureș and Iași Viaduct Poiana Teiului Romania DN15B Viaduct Poiana Teiului viewpoint.png


ETS2 Road to the Black Sea DLC viewpoints.png


on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
Norway Riksvei 7 Southeast of Bergen Måbødalen Norway Mabodalen viewpoint.png
Sweden Kalmar Southeast of the city Kalmar Sweden Kalmar viewpoint.png
Sweden Stockholm At the Marina north of the city Stockholm Sweden Stockholm viewpoint.png



Vive la France!

on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
1 France L'Île-Rousse At Eolo Lines ferry port L'Île-Rousse France L'Île-Rousse viewpoint.png
2 France Marseille At ferry port Port of Marseille France Port of Marseille viewpoint.png
3 France Lacq At the Huilant depot Industrial Area of Lacq France Industrial Area of Lacq viewpoint.png
4 France Rousset Between Marseille and Torino Lake Serre-Ponçon France Lake Serre-Ponçon viewpoint.png
5 France Peyrat-le-Château At a minor road east of Limoges Peyrat-le-Château France Peyrat-le-Château viewpoint.png
6 France Civaux At the Nucléon power plant Civaux Nuclear Power Plant France Civaux Nuclear Power Plant viewpoint.png
7 France Rigny-Ussé Minor road between Nantes and Bourges Castle Ussé France Castle Ussé viewpoint.png
8 France Brest South of the city Marina of Brest France Marina of Brest viewpoint.png


ETS2 Vive la France DLC viewpoints.png

West Balkans

on Map
Country City/Road Location Place of interest Image
Slovenia Ljubljana In the city center Ljubljana Ljubljana viewpoint.png
Slovenia Koper In a rest area parking lot Koper Koper viewpoint.png
Croatia Rijeka In the port area next to the Adrica and Container Port depots Rijeka Port Rijeka viewpoint.png
Croatia Split At the ferry port Split Split viewpoint.png
Croatia Dubrovnik In a rest stop north of the town Dubrovnik Dubrovnik viewpoint.png
Bosnia and
Bihać In the western part of the city Bihać Bihac viewpoint.png
Bosnia and
Sarajevo At the eastern entrance to the city Old Town of Sarajevo Sarajevo viewpoint.png
Serbia R130 Near the Belgrade Vitas Power depot north of Pančevo Kovacica Wind Park Kovacica Wind Farm viewpoint.png
Serbia Prokuplje In the center of the town Prokuplje Prokuplje viewpoint.png
Montenegro Budečevica In the center of the town Đurđevića Tara Bridge Budecevica Durdevica Tara viewpoint.png
Kosovo Prishtinë North of the city center Center of Pristina Prishtine viewpoint.png
A2 Outside a Rock Eater Quarry depot south of Gostivar Quarry near Gostivar Gostivar quarry viewpoint.png
Albania Tiranë Located in the center of Kashar Tirana Tirane viewpoint.png
Albania Durrës Located outside the Marina depot Durres Marina Durres viewpoint.png
Albania Fier Located near the CNP depot east of the city Fier Oil Fields Fier viewpoint.png




Related Achievements

  • The achievement Grand Tour Guide requires you to view cutscenes of all viewpoints in Iberia.


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