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A Weigh Station is a checkpoint along a highway to inspect vehicular weights. It is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Weigh stations are used to weigh trucks for the inspection.


Weigh stations in Euro Truck Simulator 2 first appeared in the Road to the Black Sea DLC. They can be found in toll gates (and one at the D.110 between İstanbul and Tekirdağ) in Turkey and Austria and in border crossings between Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and between Russia, Poland and Latvia when the player is entering or at the border. In the 1.44 update, weigh stations were added to Austria and some border crossings in Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC. In update 1.50, several weigh stations were added to Switzerland. The player can only use them if they have a trailer attached to their truck and the pre-pass, which is not installed on trucks in ETS2, will always notify them to pull in for an inspection from their Route Advisor. Some weigh stations at border crossings will not trigger the pre-pass). Weigh stations in Austria do not trigger the pre-pass and instead overhead gantries on the highway will notify the driver if they need to pull in or not.

There are two Weigh Stations at the ITCC depot in Linz, Austria that will weigh your truck on request (with or without a trailer). They charge a very small fee for the service, and you do not require to be on a cargo delivery mission in order to use them.



If a driver does not stop at a weigh station when required, the driver has to pay a fine.

With the update 1.37 for both games, if the driver has an illegal trailer or a 10%+ damaged vehicle or trailer, they will be fined.


  • The speed limit of the weigh stations is 15 mph despite the overhead signs in Euro Truck Simulator 2 saying 5 mph for empty and 3 mph for loaded.
  • Prior to update 1.37, weigh stations don't offer penalties for being overweight - fines only occur if the player doesn't stop at a weigh station.
  • In real life, bypassing a weigh station, when you have a red light is called "Flying the Coop". And unlike in the video game, this is considered a felony in real life.