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An experience point (XP) is one of the most important things in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Experience points are very useful. It can unlock other trucks, accessories in the garage, paint jobs, and more. You can gain experience points by completing a job or drive 100 kilometers/miles in free roam. It can be useful for increasing your skills.

Base Reward

  • Base Reward: 1 experience point per driven kilometer.
  • Parking Bonus: Depending on how difficult the parking is.
  • Free Roam for 100km/mi: 50 XP (Requires your own truck)

The number of Experience points you gain on jobs is also modified by several factors:


  • Late Penalty: How many hours, depending your experience points decrease.
  • Damage Penalty: How much damage, depending your experience points decrease.


These bonuses are only applied to the 1 XP per km base gain, not to parking bonuses.

  • ADR: 21% XP bonus
  • Long Distance: 25% XP bonus for delivery distances longer than 250 km/mi.
  • High Value Cargo: 18% XP bonus
  • Fragile Cargo: 22% XP bonus
  • Important Delivery: 20% XP bonus
  • Urgent Delivery: 30% XP bonus